Blue Color Translucent Stretch Wrap Film Roll

Unit Price: USD 1.4500 / Kilogram
Min. Order: 2000 Kilogram

Product Description

Blue Color Translucent Stretch Wrap Film Roll
  • Description:

  • This Listing is for Pallet Shrink Wrap of various colours 

  • Colour: Please Select from Dropdown List
  • Size: 400MM x 200m approx 
  • Tinted [ when you close to wrap its see through]
  • Quantity: Please Select from Dropdown List
  • Thickness 20mu approx
  • Please Note: Length , Width,  Thickness are approximate and picture is for illustration purpose only
  • Please note all Colour Wraps are tinted ( Green, Blue, Red and Yellow) White are Oapque and Clear is transparent

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Material Use

  The basic material for production of YALAN Cast Stretch Film is Exxonmobil and other Petrochemical Industries Co.,Ltd.Use Exxonmobil LDPE and LLEPE etc,which have outstanding tesile,impact and puncture resistace properties.

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